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Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail®


Mudventure of a lifetime in the Wild Wild East

Łemkowyna is more than just a race. ŁUT is an unforgettable journey and for some it is the biggest adventure of their lifetime. Last year, the famous French photographer Alexis Berg experienced our trails and felt the spirit of the Western States – and how will your experience be like? You will find the answer to this question on the wild trails of the Low Beskids. The next edition of Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® will take place in October 2019. The registrations are still open!


Photo: Piotr Oleszak



The golden-red beech tree forest, that enthralled Alexis Berg, wolf tracks, which Mike Wardian followed, the magic sunrise and romantic Saturday evening sunset, but most of all, the long, foggy mornings – all those are characteristics of our race, which for six years now attracts each year in October thousands of trail running lovers to the deserted valleys of the Beskid – one of the last places in Europe, where you can still get really close to nature.



The valleys are not abandoned by chance, but depict the aftermath of the tragic history this region faced. After the World War II and communist times Lemkos had been scattered all around the world – from Ukraine to Canada and Australia. Some of them returned after several years and made sure that the history of their ancestors would never be forgotten. If you will have a little crisis down on the trail, then just imagine the love story between the two Lemko lovers Pietrek and Lubka, who had to pass three mountain ridges separating their villages in order to meet for a secret rendez-vous. And now imagine, that they did not have any raincoats, comfortable shoes or food supplies. Now it is easier to run, isn´t it?


Photo: Piotr Dymus



How on earth is it so bright, so very bright in the middle of the night?! It is the Midsummernight, which in the Low Beskid takes place in… mid October. You´ll be like fireflies illuminating the night with your headlights on. Get prepared for two nights running through the dark for several or even several dozen hours roaming around the black forest. Although this kind of adventure is reserved only for participants of the 150k and 100k race. Those who prefer running during the daytime can register for the 70k race, the Lemko Marathon (48k) or the Lemko Trail (30k).




Besides being just a nice race, Łemkowyna serves you also with a range of health resorts situated along the main Red Trail. Let‘s begin with Krynica-Zdrój, where you´ll get to know the Pijalnia Główna (Main Drinking Hall), where the race bib collection and the start line of the 150k and 100k distances is located. There is no better way to hydrate before an intense run through the night. One hundred kilometers further away, having passed the Magurski National Park, you´ll reach Iwonicz-Zdrój. This charming little health resort will make you want to stay and it´ll be difficult to keep on running. A little further on, you´ll pass Rymanów-Zdrój and after having a small pit-stop eating the famous soup in Puławy, you´ll cross Przybyszów and then finally reach Komańcza, the most avant-garde SPA at the Osławica river bank, opening only two days during the year. We guarantee you, that the hot tub and sauna from Vingberg will give you the opportunity to relax as good as in Vichy!

Photo: Alexis Berg


You´ve probably heard about the Western States Endurance Run. It is the famous American race, which started off as a horse race but changed, as one day, one of the participants was confronted with a limping horse, so the daredevil decided to walk the whole distance. And that is how a legend was born. Alexis Berg, who visited us last year, stated, that Łemkowyna somehow reminds him of WSER. Of course, not regarding the trail as it is hard to compare California to the Carpathian Mountains, but we do have the unique atmosphere, which he described as „very Western-like”. And it is hard not to agree with him, as the magic Lemko country is a bit like the „Wild East“. Beautiful places and even more beautiful people. We´ll be waiting for you at the Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail®!



Race director: Krzysztof Gajdziński


Facebook: lemkowynaultratrail

Instagram: ultralemkowyna



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