The Salomon UTH® Google map is ready. Please share it with your supporters!

The map indicates the locations of the Aid stations, Race Centre, the FNSHR restaurant, the Baggage storage facility, Start/Finish, as well as the bus stop where the bus transfer to the Start of the Salomon Visegrád Trail departs from. You can find information about the opening hours and the services of the aid stations by clicking on their pictogram (cup, spoon&fork). If you want to create a route plan, then click on the aid station’s mark and then select the crossroad pictogram.
Guarded street crossings are also shown on the map (policeman), please ask your companions to refrain from cheering at these locations. The map indicates the sections of the “Race in the Race” (star), you can find the description of the given section and the prize involved by clicking on the pictogram. You cannot reach the aid stations in Dömös and Pap-rét by car. Be prepared for a 30-minute walk if you want to get to any of these stations to cheer for someone.


Guide 2019
| 21 May
The Salomon UTH® 2019 Race Guide is ready to read or download. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (PDF 10MB)
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Salomon Ultra-Trail® Hungary on 112 K in the dark and dense forests of the Pilis and Visegrádi mountains.

Start from Szentendre and discover the Pilis! Follow the ruins of the Order of Saint Benedict, see the old castle of Visegrád where the kings lived! Climb up the Dobogókő (a steep, rocky uphill) and endure the trial of the Vadálló-kövek (another rocky uphill) and come back to Szentendre. From then on we will call you: Finisher

Salomon Szentlászló Trail leads you 85 K long on the quest for our knight king, through Pilisszentlászló.

Starting your journey at dawn as our knight king did. Take the panoramic view from Dobogókő, staring at the sun rising over the Pilis hills. Listen to the awakening birds singing in the morning wood. The trails and roads tell you stories long forgotten, you just need to open up to them.

Salomon Szentendre Trail on 54 K following the creeks to Visegrád and back to Szentendre.

The race of creeks and steep slopes. In the first half of the race, you’ll cross creeks fifteen times, then you’ll hop on the “rollercoaster” before hiking the infamous two “spikes” and finally, all you need to do is roll in to the city of Szentendre. Sounds a piece of cake, right? Well, it’s not….

Salomon Visegrád Trail on 29.5 K from Visegrad to Szentendre in the best part of the Visegrád mountain.

Starting from the shade of the Salomon Tower, conquer the citadel of Visegrád. Take a deep breath from the air of the Danube-bend while getting fascinated by the scenic panorama. Jump into the wood to feel the trees sighing, the leaves whispering and the fountains babbling. Feel along Mother Nature… then listen to the cheering crowd and put your hands up to the sky when crossing the finish line.

Salomon Kids-Trail® Szentendre for the young trail running generation at the riverside of the Danube.

Do you want that your child can experience the moment and the feeling to be a finisher? Bring her/his to the riverside of the Danube and we will make her/his run! There, everybody will be a winner and everybody will get the same finisher gift.