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Our Trail partner the KLND



In 2019, we started as an adventure cycling community called Bikepacking Hungary. Our aim was to promote and spread the bikepacking movement in Hungary, which we were very happy to see was well received. We soon outgrew our online groups, and the number of people participating in our weekend rides increased. The next stage was to organise challenges and events, including the 5 Peaks 500 (we only did it once), the Hungarian Divide, the Balaton Bike Derby and in 2022, the first Hungarian gravel events.




There are two ways to approach bikepacking events. As a tough ultra challenge, or as a source of pure pleasure. We love the fact that we have very different people on our start lines. There are people who want to break a new course record, crossing the country in 5 days on the 1400 km 25,000 m Divide course. There are also people who just want to have fun for a few days in this super company.






For us, this is the most important thing. To create a community of people who share a desire for discovery, a passion for the joy of achievement, but are otherwise very different. People from completely different walks of life, from different economic backgrounds, different ages, different races and genders, find each other on a wagon ride in the back of a godforsaken country and then perhaps form lifelong friendships. Or they may just get through a rough section together and have a beer at the next pub. They’ll certainly remember each other, and they’ll remember the experience of meeting.





In addition to event organisation and community building, we also produce media. Through our channels, we raise awareness of what a cool place we live in and sport is one of the best ways to discover it. You can find us on social media platforms, where we regularly bring you something new about a forest trail or a forsaken wagon trail in the middle of nowhere.





Same as you! People like us who like challenges and adventures. We are authentic on two wheels, but we also run. It can hurt, but we run.

We hope that with UTH we can make a long and meaningful collaboration where we can create a little bit of crossover in both directions. Imagine an UTH runner on the Divide and a Divide rider on the UTH! Good, right? ☺