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Our Oak level sponsor Leki

LEKI will make the hearts of every trail runner beat faster.

Presenting our sponsors: Leki an Oak level sponsor to Salomon Ultra-Trail® Hungary 2022

Small, light, simple and fast handling: these are the indispensable attributes for the ultimate trail running pole. Whether as a fully-equipped, fixed length folding pole in your desired length made of pure carbon or an infinitely variable model with the TÜV Süd-certified Speed Lock 2 external adjustment system, the LEKI product range fulfils every need.

The pushbutton release mechanism makes it possible to assemble and disassemble the LEKI folding pole models in seconds. These marvels, which are available from a 34 cm pack size, can be easily stowed in a suitcase, chest strap or backpack when trail running on sections in which no poles are required.

Worldwide Lifetime Warranty on defective material and product. Warranty parts are available for up to 10 years after product is manufactured. Engineered in Europe

About the test program the LEKI trail running poles (Micro Trail Vario, Vertical, Pacemaker) can you inform by the organisers Salomon UTH at the race week.

The LEKI trail running poles can you buy in the Maratonman DEPO store or online.


Race in the race. For competing at LEKI Hillclimb, you do not need to register, all Salomon Szentlászló Trail female and male racers (who Finished the race) are going to take part automatically. The fastest female and male competitor between Dömös (aid station) and Prédikálószék (check point) (2.5 km, +500) wins 1-1 pair of Leki Ultratrail Fx.One Superlite poles.