While we are running happily on Szentendre’s streets or on the trails of Pilis don’t forget about the environment! We, organizers will do our all to make the race’s ecological footprint less as possible but our work can’t be full without the cooperation of the runners.

What are we doing?

  • We use FSC paper for every page we printed about the race. (Forest Stewardship Council is an organization who certificate things made by wood. It was founded to secure a sustainable forest usage
  • We use water-based paint for every page we printed about the race
  • We don’t use disposable plastic cups at the refreshment post. Every runner has to use their own cup
  • We don’t serve packed food at the refreshment posts
  • All the rubbish is collected selectively
  • Hot dishes served in compostable plates at the refreshment point and porcelain plates at he finish with metal culery
  • The itinerary  is downloadable and it’s not made by paper
  • There is a limit of participants
  • The course marker will be disappered by UV light

What can the runners do?

  • Don’t leave the path and don’t speed up the degradation
  • Don’t litter
  • Leave her/his rubbish at the refreshment post
  • Use rechargable batteries
  • Use the community transportation to reach the race

Forest Stewardship Council