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Salomon UTH races are female friendly events. Why do we have so many ladies in the race and among our volunteers? Because women go where they feel safe and are treated equally. - 47% of our competitors and 65% of all volunteers are women. - 40% of all supervisors at aid stations and 60% of the area leaders are females, too. - Winners of all our races receive

Are you an elite trail runner and want to participate in any of the 2025 UTH races? We are offering free entries for elite trail runners from all around the world. Ladies with 695 or more ITRA points and gentlemen with 795 or more ITRA points* are our guests! Just send an e-mail in the registration period to and ask for the registration link. *General performance

There are many highlights I could mention from this year's race to describe how it went but perhaps the following captures the essence best: I was walking down to the 9AM start of the Szentendre Trail with a few crew members and participants when my phone rang. The head of the Finish area told me, "Csanya, we've lost power. We're trying to fix it but

You can find the Salomon UTH 2024 pictures here: Crew Life Race Center / Expo Salomon UTH Difficulties Salomon UTH Szentendre City Moments Salomon Kids Trail Salomon Vertical 500 Start Salomon Vertical 500 / Vadálló-kövek Salomon Vertical 500 Finish Salomon Visegrád Trail 30  - Off to Start Salomon Visegrád Trail 30 / Start Salomon Twin Peaks 22 / Start Salomon Visegrád Trail 30 - Twin Peaks Trail 22 / Borjúfő Salomon Visegrád Trail 30 - Twin Peaks Trail 22