• May, 2013 : the idea of the race is born
  • August,2013: first field trip in Szentendre. Plans start to form
  • July,2014: future race route finished
  • August,2014 : title sponsorship agreement with Salomon
  • September, 2014:Salomon UTH announced to the trailrunning public in RUNtotta
  • November,2014: first Salomon UTH registration starts
  • May,2015: first Salomon UTH sets off on 111km and 55km
  • May, 2016: race route of the second Salomon UTH needs modification due to floods. Salomon Visegrád Trail makes a debut
  • August, 2016: Salomon UTH appears at the UTMB Expo
  • June,2017: third Salomon UTH. Salomon Szentendre Trail and Salomon Visegrád Trail sold out
  • May, 2018: Salomon Szentlászló Trail makes a debut
  • October, 2018: we got the Ultra-Trail Discovery Race title
  • November, 2018: all distances are sold out less than 5 hours
  • June, 2019: fifth Salomon UTH is the first Hungarian trail race above 1000 participants
  • September, 2019: Salomon UTH has been selected as a qualifying race for the 2021 Western States 100.