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Following the escalation of coronavirus, we have been taking advice from official bodies, while also working closely with other mass event organisers to understand the situation for the industry, our participants and supporters. It is with heavy hearts that we have to deliver the disappointing news that the Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary 2020 has been cancelled. What happens next? Runners have the choice whether to run in 2021,

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The registration for the 2021 Salomon Ultra Trail Hungary will open on the 2nd of November 2020. To enter you will need the following ITRA points: Salomon UTH® (112K) 3 ITRA points Salomon Szentlászló Trail (84K) 2 ITRA points. For the Salomon Szentendre and Salomon Visegrád Trail - no ITRA points required. Points needed for the registration can be gained at any ITRA qualifying races however we’d like

SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL is a voluntary organisation (association) of organisers of trail-running ultramarathons and long-distance hikes, which umbrellas most such Slovak events with a trail of 100 km and more. Our activities anyhow also include shorter ultra-trails and long-distance hikes. From the Lesser and White Carpathians, through Kysuce Beskids, Maple Mountains, Lesser and Greater Fatra, Low Tatra to Volovec Mountains is where you can find

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I am the longest mountain range in Serbia, I belong to the Carpathian-Balkan Mountains and I reside in southeast Serbia.   Actually I am a big Balkan Mountain (which is my old name, Balkan Peninsula was named after me). My highest peak is Midzor– 2,169 masl. Juniper (kleka), hm, mischievous plant, spreads rapidly, causing trouble to those who would like to overrun it, but cute, is it not?