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Over 1500 entrants. For the 2024 Salomon UTH, more than 1,500 individuals have registered. Never before have so many people entered a single Hungarian trail running race. There were 1645 names on the starting list for the 2022 race but this included the 950 runners from the postponed 2021 race. Registration

On March 1st registration fees will increase, so if you are certain about participating, we recommend registering before midnight on the 29th of February! Registration fees are as follows: Salomon UTH 111: 140 150 Euro Salomon Szentlászló Trail 84K: 130 140 Euro Salomon Szentendre Trail 54K: 105 115 Euro Salomon Visegrád Trail 75 80 Euro Salomon Twin Peaks Trail: 60 65 Euro Salomon Vertical 500: 50

We scrapped off a few spots from the Salomon UTH, Szentlászló and Twin Peaks Trail and, added them to the already fully booked Visegrád and Szentendre Trail. So now there are 15 more places on each of the latter two trails and, 25 spots on the first three. Currently there are 1,446 registered participants and, we will definitely close registration once it reaches 1,550. Registration fees will

The Visegrád Trail 30K has always been the most popular non-ultra-distance at the Salomon UTH - so far and, indeed this year it isn’t any different. If you're looking for a race that isn’t an ultra but more than a half marathon then Visegrád Trail 30K is your distance. Less than 15 places are left of all 400 so if you want to toe the start line

On January 1st, not only does the new year begin but also the entry fees for Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary increase! Register at a lower price, secure your spot at Hungary's largest trail running race! Registration fees are as follows: Salomon UTH 111: 130 140 Euro Salomon Szentlászló Trail 84K: 120 130 Euro Salomon Szentendre Trail 54K: 95 105 Euro Salomon Visegrád Trail 70 75 Euro Salomon Twin

Less than 2 months after the opening that's the state: Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary® 111K | 69% I 92 slots left Salomon Szentlászló Trai 84K l | 64% I 73 slots left Salomon Szentendre Trail 54K | 86% I 55 slots left Salomon Visegrád Trail 30K | 79% I 83 slots left Salomon Twin Peaks Trail 22K I 61% I 117 slots left Salomon Vertical 500 2.5K I 27% I 73 slots