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The Salomon UTH® Google map is ready.

The Salomon UTH® Google map is ready. Please share it with your supporters!
The map indicates the locations of the Aid stations, Race Centre, the FNSHR restaurant, the Baggage storage facility, Start/Finish, as well as the bus stop where the bus transfer to the Start of the Salomon Visegrád Trail and Salomon Twin Peaks Trail departs from. You can find information about the opening hours and the services of the aid stations by clicking on their pictogram (cup, spoon&fork). If you want to create a route plan, then click on the aid station’s mark and then select the crossroad pictogram.
Guarded street crossings are also shown on the map (policeman), please ask your companions to refrain from cheering at these locations. The map indicates the sections of the “Race in the Race” (star), you can find the description of the given section and the prize involved by clicking on the pictogram. You cannot reach the aid stations in Dömös and Pap-rét by car. Be prepared for a 30-minute walk if you want to get to any of these stations to cheer for someone.