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First, the two most important dates:

2023 Salomon UTH is on May 27-28.

Registration starts at noon on November 2 (Wednesday).


The 2023 Salomon UTH® will have 7 events.

The most important change is that the 2023 UTH will have two new distances.



Salomon Vertical 500

Between Szentfa-kápolna and Prédikálószék. This will take place on Saturday morning (Pentecost weekend). Distance: 2.5 kilometres Elevation: 500 metres This may be familiar to those who have been running with us for a long time, since we have already organized this race as an independent competition twice (2015, 2016) but now it will take place within the framework of UTH. It is important to mention that finishers do not receive the same medal as those finishers of other distances. So, if you are a medal collector and this is important to you, then expect to get a different kind of medal. Number limit: 100 people.



Salomon Twin Peaks Trail

This is practically the last 22 kilometres of the UTH including the dreaded two peaks, the very reason the race was named Twin Peaks Trail. Total distance: 22 kilometres Elevation gain: 685 metres. There will be an Aid Station on the course at the Skanzen. The start is Saturday afternoon at 5pm. Competitors will be transported to the start by bus, which you can catch at Hegytető parking lot near Pilisszentlászló. From the start there’s a 2 kilometre long tarmac stretch to Pap-rét, so the field will have enough time to spread out. The price of the bus trip is included in the entry fee, please don’t get there by car, especially if you’re only using it yourself! Number limit: 300 people.



Additional changes
  • Runners with 650/750 or more ITRA points are our guests*! Just send an e-mail to and ask for the registration link. *650 ladies and 750 getlemens.
    *General performance index
  • The start section of the route of Salomon Visegrád Trail has been modified. The first 3 kilometers takes you to a different route and from there the it will follow the old paths up until the finish. The reason for the change is that this way you don’t have to cross the busy panoramic road twice. The new route is already in the race announcement. If you decide to recce the route, choose that section to familiarise yourself with it!
  • The change affecting the UTH and Szentlászló Trail distances is that there will be gel and bars on 2 Aid Stations.
    Courtesy: Squeezy Sport Nutrition.
  • All distances will benefit from the fact that the Skanzen Drink Station becomes a full Aid Station, so 6.5 kilometres from the finish, you can still push a little solid food down on your throat which will hopefully help you fly to the finish.
  • Another change affecting all distances is that the opening hours of the Skanzen Aid Station will increase by 15 minutes (obviously this will reduce the time limit of this section to the finish line by 15 minutes).
  • The discounted entry period for UTH 2023 runs from November 2 to November 30. During this period the entry fee is 10 EUR lower for the 3 longer distances and 5 EUR lower for the 3 shorter ones.



Number limit and entry fee for all distances:
  • Salomon UTH: 300 people – 100/110 EUR
  • Salomon Szentlászló Trail: 300 people – 90/100 EUR
  • Salomon Szentendre Trail: 500 people – 75/85 EUR
  • Salomon Visegrád Trail: 500 people – 60/65 EUR
  • Salomon Twin Peaks Trail: 300 people – EUR 45/50
  • Salomon Vertical 500: 100 people – EUR 35/40
  • Salomon Kids-Trail Szentendre no limit / 5 EUR*

With the exception of the Szentlászló Trail, the number of participants has been reduced everywhere. The reason for this change are the two new distances and the lower load on the route.


Closing, cancellation, modifying and transferring dates

Entries closing at April 20, cancellation is possible until April 15, distance up or downgrade and transfer period up until May 5. All dates are closer to the race day, so we hope that there will be fewer people who cannot start the competition due to injury or other reasons but can no longer cancel or submit their entries.



Maternity break

Those who become pregnant during the registration period can defer their entry for 1 or 2 years.


Girls only

This is not new as we have had it for quite some time but we would like to mention that UTH female competitors can request hygienic products at the refreshment points if necessary.


Race pack and Finisher gift
  • Race Pack gift: T-shirt, arm warmer or scarf. Finisher gift: FNSHR medal or fridge magnet. They are made from the same material and have the same size, only the fridge magnet has no ribbon but a magnet on the back.
  • The Vertical 500 medal is different from other distances!


After you finish:
  • We are inviting you for an alcohol free beer (regular or fruit, you can select this on the entry application).
  • You’ll be offered a hot meal (meat, vegetarian or vegan gluten-free. You can select this on the entry application
  • If you started one of the ultra distances, we offer a free massage at the Race Center.