Salomon UTH 2020 cancelled

Following the escalation of coronavirus, we have been taking advice from official bodies, while also working closely with other mass event organisers to understand the situation for the industry, our participants and supporters.

It is with heavy hearts that we have to deliver the disappointing news that the Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary 2020 has been cancelled.

What happens next? Runners have the choice whether to run in 2021, receive a partial refund or defer their place by paying an additional cost of 50%.

Instructions from Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary are as follows: 

1. Every runner with a place in the 2020 Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary will be able to use their place in the rescheduled event on 22-23 of May 2021 with a discount of 50% of the original entry fee. You have to re-register between the 19-25 of October and if you want, you can change the distance too, as well as choose the finisher gift. You also have to make the payment of the discounted entry fee. The new entry form will be sent to you by email to the address that you provided in your original entry form (this form will only be sent to runners who have already registered for the race and defer it).

2. All runners who have a place for the 2020 event and choose not to take part (or are unable to do so) in the rescheduled event will receive a 50% refund of their 2020 entry fee after filling out and sending back the form below latest until the 15 of April 2020 (we process each refund request manually and this might take us a bit longer than expected. We will kindly ask your patience).
UTH 2020 entry fee refund.

3. All runners who have a place for the 2020 event and choose not to take part (or are unable to do so) but wish to keep their entry fee with us (50% of the original entry fee) can use those funds for other terepfutas.hu events in the future without any timelimit. In this case, we will open an account for you with the email address you provided upon registration. We will then deduct any entry fee from that amount when you register for any future races until funds last. If you choose this option, please let us know in this form latest until the 15 of April 2020.
UTH 2020 entry redirect to another Terepfutas.hu events.

*Changing distance in case of deferral: 
Practically we will open an account for you to be used for the 2021 UTH entry. The amount on this account will be 50% of your 2020 entry fee (for Example: Szentendre Trail entry fee was: 20.500 HUF. Next year’s entry fee will be 22.000 HUF, this means, you can use 11.000 HUF from this account whichever distance you may choose).

Other special cases: Runners who wish to cancel their deferred entry for instance in December, can be refunded 80% of their entry fee). To transfer your entry to someone else would be a better solution in this case, as this will be free as usual.

Additional information about the Salomon UTH 2021: 
Date: 22-23 May 2021
Participants limit: 1650 runners
Distances: same as in 2020
Race package gift(s): T-shirt, Tube scarf or Arm warmer (optional)
Finisher gift(s): Medal or Fridge magnet (optional)
Planned novelties: massage, kinesio tape fitting at two stations on the UTH route (Pilismarot and Lepence) as well as the Szentlaszlo Trail route at one station (Lepence).
Illy Cafe at two stations on the UTH route (Pilismarot and Pilisszentlaszlo) as well as the Szentlaszlo Trail route at one station (Pilisszentlaszlo).

Until our next event we will be sending you newsletters to your virtual letter boxes a little more often with games,interesting news and good reads.

Peace & Trail

Salomon UTH Team

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