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Route change! Download the modified GPS track.

Route change! Routes for all distances have changed (except Salomon Vertical 500). Download the modified GPS track!

In accordance with the request of Duna Ipoly National Park there are two changes in the routes:
1. The route of Salomon UTH and Salomon Szentlászló Trail has been modified before Pilisszentlászló (+200 meter distance and +35 meter elevation).
2. The second peak has been reduced (all distance except Salomon Vertical 500) ; the new route does not ascend Nyerges Hill (-950 meter distance and -130 meter elevation).

You can download the GPS tracks from the race regulations by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD GPS TRACK” button.

Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary 111K

Salomon Szentlászló Trail 84K

Salomon Szentendre Trail 54K

Salomon Visegrád Trail 30K

Salomon Twin Peaks Trail 22K