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The Runner’s World magazine, published in 24 countries around the world, brings together a dynamically growing, dedicated and utterly positive group of people: runners. No matter how many kilometers you run per week, five or fifty, the runners’ community recognizes willpower and perseverance, it is very inclusive and open to new things. You can run anywhere but it may be very helpful to have someone by your side, who tells you about relevant experiences and helps you overcome deadlocks. Runner’s World does just that.

It shares training plans, dietary tips and inspiring stories, while trying to highlight the beauty of this sport. Given the upward trend in amateur running, the magazine also strives to include topics that could be interesting to different types of runners, whether beginners or athletes preparing for a marathon, who are motivated by the joy of physical activity and the desire to keep healthy, as well as by being part of a community.

The goal of the bi-monthly Runner’s World is to implant the love of running in as many people as possible, to help them learn the basics, overcome difficulties, adjust training plans to their targets and prevent injuries or recognize them in time.