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List of answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We prepared this list of answers to the most frequently
asked questions:
1. No, you can’t change your registration name and race distance.
2. No, we are sorry, there is no refund of the registration fee if you cannot participate in the race for whatever reason, no exceptions. This is clearly stated in our regulations.
3. No, you cannot register for the race. The normal registrations closed. Maybe a Charity registration?
4. Drop bag (size 30x40cm) service for the Salomon UTH® will be at Pilisszentlélek at 36K and Lepence 61K, for Salomon Szentlászló Trail will be at Lepence 34K. Customized labels and bags will be available at your Race pack. We do not deliver any liquids. We will then take your bag back to the Left baggage office after closing the check-point.
5. No, we do not require a medical certificate! You run at your own responsibility.
6. For parking, schedule or any other information please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions, the Schedule and Places and Race Map pages.
7. Yes, external aid can be provided, but only at the official aid-stations.
8. Yes, it’s necessary to carry the mandatory equipment during the whole race, from start to finish.
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