About the event

Jahorina Ultra Trail (JUT) is the biggest Bosnian competition in trail running which connects Jahorina with Ravna (Flat mt), Romania, Trebević, and Sarajevo by four different length races: Mini, Midi, Maxi and Ultra Trail. It takes place on July 24–25, 2021.

JUT Concept

JUT trails are navigated by the most beautiful parts of 4 mountains that are the backbone of the current and future development of the outdoor offer of Sarajevo-Romania region. They connect attractions such as the narrow-gauge railway, via ferata and Novakova cave on Romania, the spring and canyon of Miljacka river, bobsled track and rocky ridge on Trebević. Three of the races (Mini, Maxi and Ultra) start and finish on Jahorina mt. Midi Trail is a race that traditionally starts in downtown Sarajevo, on Baščaršija and finishes on Jahorina.

Photo: JUT

What JUT offers

The races are attractive to runners of solid or extraordinary shape. Miniis a 17km long trail, ideal for fast runners, for beginners in trail running, but also those for which Midi, organized a day before, is not sufficient enough and would like to finish two races during the weekend. Midiis 38km long and a real treat for trail enthusiasts who want a challenge after which they will be ready to go out, hang out on the mountain and engage in other activities. Maxiis 69 km for fast ultra runners or those who will try the ultra formatfor the first time because there is not that much uphill and is not overwhelming. Ultrais for experienced trail runners, and a length of 101km offers a sequence of different units for which there is no monotony on the track and which further intensifies the race experience. The Ultra Traila is so special and diverse because it takes runners to the Jahorina Summit, up and down ski trails, old route of narrow-gauge railway passing through short tunnels, via ferrata on Romania beneath Novakova cave, the Miljacka canyon, and then to bobsled track and the rocky ridge on Trebević mt. Ultra Trail is for those who want to have the satisfaction of traversing Jahorina, Ravna, Romania and Trebević mt in one day, which certainly serious ultra runners would want to have among their achievements.

Photo: JUT

What are JUT main attributes

JUT’s main attributes are the reputation and image that Jahorina has since the 1984 Winter Olympics which took place there, the attractiveness and diversity of trails, and especially the part you are able to run along the bobsled track which you don’t have the opportunity to do in any other race anywhere in the world, vicinity to Sarajevo which runners definitely want to visit and a gastro offer that, although last mentioned on the list here is not less important than the first one. Bosnians eat very good, gourmet food, with variety of offers for affordable prices. When someone from abroad thinks about coming to JUT race they all think about where to go to have ćevapi, which kind of baklava to taste, where to eat burek, or meat under the sac.


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