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Do not enter to this race if

Do not enter to this race if:
– You find the cut off times too tight. This is a running event and not a stroll like El Camino. While other 100-kilometer races allow 30-35 hours, ours is 20 (and 17 hours for the 84K race).
– You expect an aid station in every 5K. We don’t do that. The first one is at 20K for the longer distances and, for the shortest, the 22K race, there’s only one.
– Starting at insane times is not your thing like midnight, 2 AM, or 5 PM.
– Carrying seemingly useless items like a survival blanket or a headlamp is a hassle for you. We take mandatory gear seriously and will check for compliance. Participants with no mandatory gear will be disqualified.
But do enter if:
– You seek a challenge that you can be proud of for a lifetime.
– You enjoy combining travel with running. Come to us, run the UTH and explore Budapest (and Szentendre where the race centre is) before or after the competition.
– You want to experience Hungary’s coolest finish line – running into the cheering crowd in the heart of Szentendre, crossing the Duna Korzó, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
– Trail is your way.
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