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Director’s Summary of the UTH 2024

There are many highlights I could mention from this year’s race to describe how it went but perhaps the following captures the essence best: I was walking down to the 9AM start of the Szentendre Trail with a few crew members and participants when my phone rang. The head of the Finish area told me, “Csanya, we’ve lost power. We’re trying to fix it but there might not be any music at the start!” I thanked him for the information and hung up. One of the crew members with me remarked, “The reason everything runs so smoothly is that your calmness rubs off on us. There’s no frantic running around or chaos; we just get the job done!” I believe this calmness is mutual. They see I’m calm and I know they’re giving their all during the race, so there’s no reason for anyone to be nervous. (We managed to fix the problem, there was power and thus music at the start. Incidentally, the start gate clock got soaked.)


This year marked the eighth time trail runners gathered in Szentendre to participate in their chosen distances and showcase their preparation. What was this year’s Salomon UTH like?
– 1,566 runners from 42 countries registered for the 6 distances.
– The crew size exceeded 300 people.
– 800 participants registered for the three ultra distances, making UTH the largest ultra race in the country.
– Despite the extremely muddy terrain, we barely had to rescue any injured participants.
– 334 international participants attended the race.
– More women than men participated in the Twin Peaks Trail.
– Alongside the UTH SUB 15 medal, the Szentlászló Trail SUB 11-hour medal was introduced.
– To the race pack gifts we added an extra headband.
– The Expo had more exhibitors than ever before.
– In addition to the FNSHR print, we introduced the DNF, so those who had to drop out could have this text on their shirts.

It’s amazing how far this race has come since its inception in 2015, and we’re nowhere near the end of the journey! Next year, the Vertical will be discontinued, and we will inaugurate a new distance, which I don’t want to reveal much about yet, but I can say it will be around 100 miles and will take place under quite nomadic conditions.


691 participants filled out the post-race survey, and we’ve already started creating this year’s infographic based on the responses, which we will publish soon. We are analysing the negative reviews and suggestions and, I can assure you that there will be plenty of improvements incorporated into next year’s race!


I hope you returned home with beautiful memories, think fondly of the Salomon UTH and, that we will see each other again in Szentendre on June 7-8, 2025!