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On January 1st, not only does the new year begin but also the entry fees for Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary increase! Register at a lower price, secure your spot at Hungary's largest trail running race! Registration fees are as follows: Salomon UTH 111: 130 140 Euro Salomon Szentlászló Trail 84K: 120 130 Euro Salomon Szentendre Trail 54K: 95 105 Euro Salomon Visegrád Trail 70 75 Euro Salomon Twin

Less than 2 months after the opening that's the state: Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary® 111K | 69% I 92 slots left Salomon Szentlászló Trai 84K l | 64% I 73 slots left Salomon Szentendre Trail 54K | 86% I 55 slots left Salomon Visegrád Trail 30K | 79% I 83 slots left Salomon Twin Peaks Trail 22K I 61% I 117 slots left Salomon Vertical 500 2.5K I 27% I 73 slots

Do not enter to this race if: - You find the cut off times too tight. This is a running event and not a stroll like El Camino. While other 100-kilometer races allow 30-35 hours, ours is 20 (and 17 hours for the 84K race). - You expect an aid station in every 5K. We don't do that. The first one is at 20K for the longer

"Okay, I’ll start at midnight, will go through the night, at dawn birds wake up and, the forest echoes with their songs. Then comes the long ascent followed by the rocky nettle infested area. Then I’ll cross the valley over the stream twelve times, suffer on the Calvary like Jesus, overcome the two thorns, reach Szentendre, the crowd applauds and cheers, I’ll get the medal

How to see Budapest in 48 hours Budapest is a top-notch destination for weekends, ticking all the boxes: from strolling among majestic buildings to catching mind-blowing views, peeking inside historic museums, necking pints at ruin bars, and feasting on hearty, paprika-infused dishes. Getting around is easy, with attractions being fairly close to one another. Whether you'd go low-budget or extravagant, the city will spoil you with

Here are some statistics after the first month of the registrations: 1.169 Trail runners total 204 International runners 61% Male | 39% Female overall Youngest runner - 9 years (Vertical 500) Oldest runner - 71 years (Szentlászló Trail) Countries 34 Most represented countries: Hungary 965 Slovakia 36 Romania 29 Poland 25 Germany 20 United Kingdom 17 Czech Republic 16 Austria 6 🇧🇪Belgium 6 🇨🇦Canada 6 🇨🇭Switzerland 5

On December 1st registration fees will increase, so if you are certain about participating, we recommend registering before midnight on the 30th of November! Registration fees are as follows: Salomon UTH 111: 120 ➡️ 130 Euro Salomon Szentlászló Trail 84K: 110 ➡️  120 Euro Salomon Szentendre Trail 54K: 85 ➡️  95 Euro Salomon Visegrád Trail 65 ➡️  70 Euro Salomon Twin Peaks Trail: 50 ➡️  55 Euro Salomon Vertical 500: 40