Registrations of the Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary 2024 opens! Choose a race, register and get motivation for the next 7 months. We have written a summary of the latest news and changes. Click here if you haven't read it yet. On the home page of Ultratrail.hu you will find a comparison chart that will help you choose your distance. You can find it here. You can check out the

We’d like to present next year's finisher's medal/fridge magnet! The finisher's medal (and the fridge magnet) is the same for all distances (except for the Vertical 500) but its ribbon varies from distance to distance (there is no ribbon tab on the fridge magnet). It is not made in China but in Hungary and is painted by hand by people with disabilities.  

First, the two most important dates: 2024 Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary is on May 18-19.. Registration starts at noon on November 2 (Wednesday).   The 2024 Salomon UTH® will have 7 events. Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary 111K, Salomon Szentlászló Trail 84K, Salomon Szentendre Trail 54K, Salomon Visegrád Trail 30K, Salomon Twin Peaks Trail 22K, Salomon Vertical 500,2.5K Salomon Kids-Trail Szentendre   Early Bird registration and registration periods: The 2024 UTH Early Bird registration period

Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary. Run into the night and immerse yourself in the dense and dark forests of Pilis. Enjoy the sunrise and listen to the millions of birds as they sing their morning greetings. Run through those four villages of the Danube Bend, return to Szentendre before 8 in the evening and, smile at the astonished faces of the tourists on the Főtér when they

Salomon Szentlászló Trail. Start when the bell strikes two in Szentendre, let the dawn reach the misty Sikárosi meadow and, count how many times the cuckoo greets the sunrise. Climb the steepest slopes of the Visegrád Mountains and return before 7 in the evening to Szentendre, so that tourists can applaud you on the High Street and on the pedestrian streets. What to expect? Distance: 84 km Elevation