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We prepared this list of answers to the most frequently asked questions: 1. No, you can’t change your registration name and race distance. 2. No, we are sorry, there is no refund of the registration fee if you cannot participate in the race for whatever reason, no exceptions. This is clearly stated in our regulations. 3. No, you cannot register for the race. The normal registrations closed. Maybe a

Route change! Routes for all distances have changed (except Salomon Vertical 500). Download the modified GPS track! In accordance with the request of Duna Ipoly National Park there are two changes in the routes: 1. The route of Salomon UTH and Salomon Szentlászló Trail has been modified before Pilisszentlászló (+200 meter distance and +35 meter elevation). 2. The second peak has been reduced (all distance except Salomon Vertical

Did you miss the registration? We are overwhelmed by the great interest in our race and we also know that many international runners missed the deadline. Luckily there’s a Plan B for this case and we have spared 20 spaces for them. If you’re too missed the registration, please drop us an email to:

Over 1500 entrants. For the 2024 Salomon UTH, more than 1,500 individuals have registered. Never before have so many people entered a single Hungarian trail running race. There were 1645 names on the starting list for the 2022 race but this included the 950 runners from the postponed 2021 race.

On March 1st registration fees will increase, so if you are certain about participating, we recommend registering before midnight on the 29th of February! Registration fees are as follows: Salomon UTH 111: 140 150 Euro Salomon Szentlászló Trail 84K: 130 140 Euro Salomon Szentendre Trail 54K: 105 115 Euro Salomon Visegrád Trail 75 80 Euro Salomon Twin Peaks Trail: 60 65 Euro Salomon Vertical 500: 50