May 2023

 Some tips for the upcoming trail ultramarathon. Hills and climbing If your watch supports the ClimbPro feature and you are navigating a route, make sure to enable the feature in the profile settings to see the current climbs individually! Compatible watches: Forerunner 745, 945, 955, 965, Fenix 6 és 7 (és közeli "rokonaik"), Epix (gen 2), Marq, Marq (gen 2)   Individually routes at the following links: UTH (111km): https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/161403575 Szentlászló Trail

OFFICIAL TIMEKEEPER OF SALOMON UTH: GARMIN   Garmin makes products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. They do this so their customers can make the most of the time they spend pursuing their passions. With over 19,000 associates in 34 countries around the world, they bring GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. They think every

  In a society where speed and stress have taken over, people take less and less time to play and connect with nature. Play is our essence. We enable people to play, progress and connect with nature. We create the next generation of gear and experiences that make people live the joy of progression of their sport(s) throughout our unique mindset. Play to enjoy, play to progress, play with

  ELEVATE YOUR PERFORMANCE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1985 Driven by the pursuit of excellence and drawing from over years of experience, the Rudy Project collection elevate the performance of athletes at every level. Since 1985 all Rudy Project products masterfully blend cutting-edge technology and aesthetically sculpted design, along with Italian styling and attention to detail, to make some of the world’s best eyewear, hi-tech prescription solutions, helmets and

Petzl Lightmare The Petzl Lightmare takes place between Lajosforrás (10K) and Dobogókő (20.5K - 990M+) during the night part of the Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary. The fastest male and female runners of this particular section who also complete the entire race will win a Petzl Nao RL headlamp. LEKI Hillclimb The LEKI Hillclimb takes place in the steepest section of the Salomon Szentlászló Trail between Dömös (26K) and Prédikálószék (28.5).

"We all have our own limits to surpass, boundaries to push beyond, and an inaccessible to reach…" "Petzl's mission is to create innovative tools and services that allow men and women to progress, position, and protect themselves in vertical environments, as well as to light their way in the dark. This drive manifests itself in our never-ending search to find the best solutions for user needs